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Massive sMs 4.0.0

MASSIVE SMS is the definitive tool for sending all kind of messages, not only MMS (multimedia) but also text messages SMS, midi polyphonic ring tones, real MP3, operator logos and Java or Symbian games. What's more it is totally free software, available in various languages including Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and English.

Multimedia messages require WAP configured mobile handsets and support for the added download cost. Receiving MMS is completely free, as sender is the one who pays the cost of sending the message. However if you wish to share costs between the sender and the receiver then you can send the content f your message as WAP PUSH.

Massive sMs has many advantages; it is affordable as sending SMS is cheaper and saves time compared with telephoning a mobile; it is a simple, easy and comfortable way of sending messages from your PC keyboard; and it´s a powerful tool with many applications which are either impossible or very complex to execute using a mobile phone (such us massive personalized sender, message register, customized sender, phonebook management with unlimited contacts, import contacts from data base, etc).

Other features include:

  • Innovative services such as delivery receipt, and customized phone number or text sender.
  • System update warning and download MASSIVE SMS latest version alerts
  • Extremely simple to use interface, based on graphic icons, and self-explanatory screens
  • Recharge your account directly through the network via pay pal or credit card
  • Even when you are not working with your own PC, using your username and password you can send messages via the developer's web page
  • Activity log registry included
  • It works with any kind of connection, even corporative networks with proxy-firewall
  • Bulk sending with recipient group administrator is possible including contact database, contact import/export
  • Several multimedia tools such as operator logo design application, photo preview, listening to midi files and MP3 (polyphonic ringtone)
  • Up to 5MB Java or Symbian games and applications to be downloaded immediately from our catalogue
  • Personalized sending of messages, e-mail address to acknowledge receipts and available credit information in real time

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Massive sMs


Massive sMs 4.0.0

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